Passive Income Milestone I – Part 2(2019)

Part 2? Why part 2?...Ok...part 2...but why 2019?... You are confused, and you have the right to be confused, but please bear with me a couple of minutes as this article is not that long, but has all the explanations you need. In my last article, I said we want to reach 2000 USD per… Continue reading Passive Income Milestone I – Part 2(2019)

Is our saving rate to low?

Since writing my article about Life after dividents I've been giving some thoughts about our saving rate and if I can reach my kind of idea about financial independence. The plan was, except passive income I would have built in this time, to really succeed with FOREX and stay home, trade and start a freelancer… Continue reading Is our saving rate to low?

Passive Income Milestone I – Part 1(2018)

So here is part 1, for the first year we started to work towards financial independence. As this is a retrospective article, there is not much to say. I will not talk about the forecast on 2019 as we already have the article published (and hot) and we will just revise the numbers of 2018.… Continue reading Passive Income Milestone I – Part 1(2018)