Portfolio Update December 2020

Another year has passed and we are at the last portfolio update for this year. We will see a yearly progress of our portfolio and financial updates in the next article, which will arrive tomorrow night and you will be able to access it here: 2020 Financial Retrospective. For this update I have some problems… Continue reading Portfolio Update December 2020

Is there any light on Christmas? A FOREX story

Hello dear followers and subscribers. I missed writing about FOREX and I know that last time .... was a long time ago. Well, I will start saying that a lot of things happened and I think we are on the good track (or at least I am seeing this way, it's up to you guys).… Continue reading Is there any light on Christmas? A FOREX story

Passive Income Milestone I – Part 2(2019)

Part 2? Why part 2?...Ok...part 2...but why 2019?... You are confused, and you have the right to be confused, but please bear with me a couple of minutes as this article is not that long, but has all the explanations you need. In my last article, I said we want to reach 2000 USD per… Continue reading Passive Income Milestone I – Part 2(2019)

Are EA Robots are worth a shot?

In the last period, I came up with the idea to try to raise an account (or use a bigger account) and gain some ‘passive’ income with the help of an EA trader.   For the ones that don’t know what is an EA, the abbreviation comes from Expert Advisor, and, at the base, it’s a… Continue reading Are EA Robots are worth a shot?