Passive Income Milestone I – Part 2(2019)

Part 2? Why part 2?...Ok...part 2...but why 2019?... You are confused, and you have the right to be confused, but please bear with me a couple of minutes as this article is not that long, but has all the explanations you need. In my last article, I said we want to reach 2000 USD per… Continue reading Passive Income Milestone I – Part 2(2019)

Setting Goals: reach a 10% divident portfolio

I think I never mentioned before, until now, what I would like to gain, per year just from dividents. I mean it's nice to start investing and see a company rise from 10 bucks to hundreds, but what I am more interested in is gaining passive income from having stocks that pay dividends. I know… Continue reading Setting Goals: reach a 10% divident portfolio