Follow Up on Pandemic P-2-P Portfolio

I like diversification, especially in portfolios. I would have loved to diversify the investments into the P2P category on multiple platforms, to reduce the risk of one of them 'collapsing'. I have created another account to Grupeer, back in February with this plan in mind. Well, I am sorry I had to delay the plan,… Continue reading Follow Up on Pandemic P-2-P Portfolio

How we selected the Peer-2-Peer loans

After some months of investing in Mintos Platform and P2P loans (actually, after a lot of months of investing) I thought about publishing the auto-invest settings. Currently we have 3 auto-investing strategies, as I totally abandon the idea of manual searching for investments (and more than happy about that, as the time allocated for managing… Continue reading How we selected the Peer-2-Peer loans

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